Saturday, Nov. 18thz 2017, 6pm

Acting starts with text – between tragedy and comedy there sometimes only a single punctuation mark that separates them. What happens if a film is reduced solely to its script and its actors and everything concerning the technical department is left out?
In an interactive live performance called STAGE READING two actresses fathom the complex ranges of effectivity of a script text. They will read and act out one and the same scene in various ways – first ranting and raving, then quietly and tender – the audience decides how they should act it out. An experiment with language and acting, an unproved high-wire act which safety net consists solely of the written words of the script.

Jürgen Heigl reads Pardian “Pardica” Ursaru
Elena Schwarz reads Minodora Porumbita
Bettina Schwarz read Die Neonatologin
Jan Hestmann is the narrator.

Curated by Elena Schwarz.

Free Entry!