In order to submit a film to the International FRONTALE Film Festival you have to go through the following registration steps.
Several films have to be submitted separately.

Step 1) Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully and follow the instructions closely.

Step 2) Entry Fee & Amount of films you can submit

There is no fee. You can submit your short films free of any charge.
Please note that we have limited the amout of films you can submit to 20 per person / agency / film school.
Please only choose your finest works for submission.

Step 3) Application Form and File Submission

To sucessfully finish up your film registration you have to fill in the online application form.
Please don’t rush this step and fill in as many details as possible.

Attention: Once your application has been sent successfully, you have to submit your movie file to us. You can either put a download link within the application form, or you can send an USB-stick to our office by mail. If you need a little more time to upload your file, you can fill out the application form first and send a download link to your file at a later time to this email address:
It has to reach us within the deadline though, which is April 24th 2018.

Step 6) Competition Qualification

All correctly submitted films automatically qualify to enter the jury meeting for the “International Short Film Competition”.

Step 7) Deadline

All applications, all files and even all letters have to reach us within the deadline.
Deadline ends April 24th 2018 at 11:59 pm CET/UTC+1

Submissions are closed!
You cannot submit any more films.