In order to submit a film to the International FRONTALE Film Festival you have to go through the following registration steps.
Several films have to be submitted separately.

Step 1) Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully and follow the instructions closely.

Step 2) Submission Fee

The fee for each submission is € 15.- (Payment by Credit Card).
In order to submit a film, you have to buy a submission ticket from Ö-Ticket right here.

Place 1 ticket in your basket and click “next”.
Please choose “No oeticket Carefree” and confirm the following prompt. Ignore the other option. It only works if you choose “No oeticket Carefree”.

Please follow the instructions to buy a print@Home Ticket and hit “proceed”.
Now you can either register a new account or buy as a guest (which is quicker).
Provide your details and click “proceed to payment type”. Then fill in your payment details and place your order.

Once the payment is done you will receive a PDF file which acts as your submission ticket, sent right to your provided email address.
This PDF-Submission-Ticket is your confirmation of payment. Please save it because you will need it to finish the registration process.

If you want to submit several films you have to repeat this process for each film.

There are no refunds. Please don’t buy a ticket if you don’t follow through with the registration process.

Step 3) Upload your PDF-Submission-Ticket or Free Waiver

During the course of the film registration process you have to upload and submit the PDF-Submission-Ticket to our festival office.
Here you can upload your free waiver ticket instead of a submission ticket. Write here for further info on our free waiver policy:
You can do this right within the online application form which you’ll find a little further down on this page.

Step 4) Application Form and File Submission

To sucessfully finish up your film registration you have to fill in the online application form.
Please don’t rush this step and fill in as many details as possible.

Attention: Once your application has been sent successfully, you have to submit your movie file to us. You can either put a download link within the application form, or you can send a USB-stick to our office by mail. If you need a little more time to upload your file, you can send the application form first and send a download link to your file at a later timer to this email address:
It has to reach us within the deadline though, which is June 20th 2017.

Step 5) Competition Qualification

All correctly submitted films automatically qualify to enter the jury meeting for the “International Short Film Competition”.

Step 6) Deadline

All applications, all files and even all letters have to reach us within the deadline.
Deadline ends June 20th 2017 at 11:59 pm CET/UTC+1

Upload your PDF-Submission-Ticket or Waiver here

Attention: This is mandatory. Please buy a submission ticket right here before you attempt to finish this application.


Fields marked with * are mandatory fields and have to be answered.

Film title (Original) *:
Film title (English):

Country of production*:

Year of production*:
The film must not be older than 2 years. (The year production officially finished)

Type of film (Documentary, Animation, Live Action, Experimental,...) *:

Film Genre (Action, Drama, Silent, SciFi, ...)*:

Running time (in min/sec e.g.: 15:06) *:
The max. running time must not be longer than 30 minutes (credit roll included).

Language of the dialogues*

Subtitles: *
IMPORTANT: English (or German) subtitles are mandatory for non-german dialogue! If your film is in any other language than German, it must have subtitles. Even English language films have to have English (or German) subtitles. Foreign language films without subtitles do not qualify! The subtitles have to be hardcoded.

The submitted film has


subtitles. Please let us know below in the comment section if subtitles were left out because of artistic reasons (e.g. indistinctive chatter or the use of other languages that the viewer is not supposed to understand)

Would the screening of your film at our festival be some kind of premiere?
The FRONTALE Film Festival takes place in the 3rd week of November 2017.

If yes, what kind of premiere? World Premiere, European Premere, Austrian Premiere, Festival Premiere.

If no, when and where did it premiere? (Date/Place):

Did your film run at any other festivals yet? Which ones?:*

Did the film already run on the internet or TV/Cinema? *

If yes, where?

Did your film come about in any kind of school project? Workshop, final paper, thesis?*

If yes, what school are/were you attending? Tell us a little bit about the project.

Did the film receive any awards yet? If so, which ones?*

How did you fund your film? Please name any sponsors:*

Synopsis (In German or English; maximum 500 characters, spaces included) *:

ATTENTION: In order to give the filmmmakers more of an artistic influence towards our festival, we decided that the written synopsis is now part of the submission process. Please provide a meaningful and significant summary which can be used on the festival website and the program guide.

You have 500 characters left to describe your film.

Short biography of the director*:

Filmography of the director*:

Did you already submit a film to our festival before?*
Please keep in mind that you cannot enter any previously submitted (and declined) films.

Type of submission:*

I send the file...

through postal service (USB-stick only!)through upload

The film must reach the festival office within the deadline of June 20th 2017 (11:59 pm), either through postal service or through email (download link).

You can also submit your download-link right here:
No Youtube-Links please!

If necessary, please provide the download password or other vital download-info right here (otherwise leave blank):

Address for submission through postal services

International FRONTALE Film Festival
Magistrat der Stadt Wiener Neustadt
Attn: Christoph Gausch
Hauptplatz 1-3
2700 Wiener Neustadt
Austria, Europe

Cast & Crew (more names possible)


Directed by*:




Music / Score*:



Contact Address

First Name*:

Last Name*:

Full Address* (street, number, zip, city):


(Mobile)Phone (including country prefix)*



Additional Information

Feedback: I have learned about this festival through...*

Assuming your film gets picked to run at the festival, how likely would you be able to attend the festival in person?
The festival takes place in the 3rd week of November 2017 in Austria, Europe
very likelynot so likely

Are we allowed to publish your film on YouTube in full length?
yes, you can!no, you cannot!

Any additional notes and references can be left here:

All terms, file specifications, upload rules and regulations can be found in the general Terms and Conditions:

 • Terms and Conditions "International Short Film Competition" (link opens in a new window)

I have read and I agree to the Terms and Conditions.*

If you are submitting on behalf of the filmmakers, please state the name of your Agency here:

Name of the submitter*: