Saturday, Nov. 18th 2017, 4:30 pm

Bier & Calippo
Paul Ploberger, AT, 2017, 00:27:19, Lower Austrian Premiere
Jojo wants to spend the summer with her boy-friend Toni and his band – but news are about to be revealed which could dampen the vacation mood. A coming of age film which doesn’t lose its juvenile ease despite the serious topic.

Anabel Caso, MEX, 2017, 00:11:50, Austrian Premiere
The end of innocence: While making a stop at a interstate service area young Sofia experience a fleeting erotic encounter with amysterious man. Touches are exchanged and greedy looks – but the dusty roads of Mexico are waiting.

State of Emergency Motherfucker
Sébastien Petretti, BE, 2016, 00:05:34, Austrian Premiere
Did he or did he not get her into bed? A question young Frenchmen Samy and Mehdi are dealing with. So much, they don’t even seem to realize how they get into an escalating encounter with the police. In strong contrast to its casual tone, the surreal comedy paints the upsetting picture of a fictional society where police force has become a normal condition.

Total running time: 45 Min.
Recommended age: 12y
Ticket info: Free Entry / Voluntary Donation / Free Seating