Friday, Nov. 17th 2017, 8:30 pm

Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, AT, 2016, 00:13:49, Lower Austrian Premiere
Laeufer loves Vivien, Vivien loves Laeufer but also Manus. „Vivien.Liebe“ is a colourful splatter drama which acts out the course of a ménage à trois. A flashy montage of different forms of expression – secured by video effects and tons of fake blood.

Die Couch
Joe Paul Kienast, DE, 2017, 00:14:36
Natalie is facing her first appointment on her psychoanalyst’s couch. We get to see the initial tension, a slow inching towards the cause of her disorder: Natalie confesses a murder. A session Freud could have only dreamed of.

Fucking Drama
Michael Podogil, AT, 2017, 00:17:01
A young couple is lured into a basement to watch the performance of an artistically precious play and reaches its limits when the evening escalates. It is an incomparable performance, a film like a roller coaster ride – violent, diverting, meta and of course artistically precious. A rating that earned its approval particularly by a nomination for the BAFTA Student Film Award.

Total running time: 46 Min.
Recommended age: 16y
Ticket info: Free Entry / Voluntary Donation / Free Seating