Friday, Nov. 17th 2017, 4 pm

Urte Zintler, DE, 2016, 00:04:30
Converging drawings and whispered words – as a collage made of fragments of poems by Hilde Domin – outline the painful search for oneself and for a safe place, a home, where the tiring rhythm of thoughts is able to settle and calm down.

Jannis Lenz, AT/DE, 2017, 00:29:53, Lower Austrian Premiere
Welcome to Coco Channel, the Youtube-channel of teenage girl Coco. Also, welcome to her offstage thoughts, dreams and fears. An oppressive film about appearance and reality in the age of self-expression playing with the media-based dimensions of reality and fiction.

Lukas Neukirchner, AT, 2017, 00:02:57, World Premiere
A brightly coloured ode to the cash machine and the practical advantages that come with transfers and plastic cards. By using a form that resembles music videos from the 80s and 90s, the film follows the ordeal of the protagonist, who is enthusiastic about modern technology, until the point of sublimation – the realization that virtual cash is no panacea.

Felix Kalaivanan, AT, 2016, 00:09:36, Lower Austrian Premiere
A long time ago they were best friends. Today, Chrisi and David are accidentally facing each other in a snow covered landscape. Initial small talk soon becomes a fight, old wounds are opened. The grainy 16mm footage and the simply impromptu dialogues form a beautiful but bitter snap-shot of a friendship.

Total running time: 48 Min.
Recommended age: 12y
Ticket info: Free Entry / Voluntary Donation / Free Seating