Thursday, Nov. 16th 2017, 5 pm


Thomas Kodnar, AT, 2015, 00:01:52, Festival Premiere
Waiting for the first raindrops to come as the depiction of a nightmare/dream, the depiction of a marriage. A film like a constant awakening with a start – mysterious, alarming but still enjoyable as a cinematic short.

Commodity City
Jessica Kingdon, US/CN, 2017, 00:10:29, Austrian Premiere
This documentary paints a fascinating and at the same time depressing pictures of the biggest Chinese wholesale market in Yiwu, using long-lasting shots. The pictures of monotonously stacked goods, abundant glittering Christmas decoration and neatly sorted odds and ends stand in contrast and symbiosis to the salespersons and dip quietly but at the same time critically into the worlds of commerce.

149th and Grand Concourse
Andy and Carolyn London, US, 2016, 00:03:18, Austrian Premiere
While life hurries away on the streets of New York, objects in the streets like threadbare furniture, street lamps and trash bins – serenade us. Various voices of the Bronx acquire a new face by funny animations: while at first the face seems inanimate, it reveals its soul and love for catchy pop songs at closer inspection.

Clara Stern, AT, 2017, 00:30:00, Niederösterreichpremiere
The winner for best short feature film at the Diagonale tells the story of Mathias – Mathias is transgender. After his transition the consequences of that change that he grapples with become manifest. Quickly it shows that many more steps have to be taken after the big step of transition.

Total running time: 45 Min.
Recommended age: 12y
Ticketinfo: Free Entry / Voluntary Donation