After reviewing all of the submitted films the jury decides the official selection for the festival.


Reinhard Astleithner

  • Studied screenwriting at the “Filmakademie Vienna”; chairman of the Youth Media Commission; member of the “Gemeinsame Filmbewertungskommission der Länder GFBK – Prädikatisierung”; operational manager of an English cinema in Vienna and artistic director of the International FRONTALE Film Festival.

Antonia Bernkopf

  • Worked at various film production companies, e.g. Lotus-Film and WILDart FILM, NK Projects, Mobilefilm, and the ORF TV-series “Schlawiner”. Also working in film production, research for documentaries and feature films, educational film programs for schools, conceptual work for film licensing/utilization as well as various jobs directly on set. Master degree in “Theater-, Film- and Media Theory” at the University of Vienna, Bachelor’s degree in “Theater-, Film-, and Media Science” at the University of Vienna. Graduated from the HTL Ortweinschool for Film (Audio-Visual Media Design)

Barbara Wolfram

  • PhD in “Media- and Film Science” the “Filmakademie Vienna”; Diploma studies in Psychology at the University of Vienna; Shakespearean and Contemporary Theatre, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London (UK); long-term training with Kristian Nekrasoy, Susan Batson Studio New York; IFFI Talent Campus 2014, Innsbruck; artistic director EVOLve Theatre Company,various stage productions at the Theater, e.g. “Schauspielhaus Wien”, “Dschungel Wien”; Assistant to the director at the “Volkstheater Wien”.

Doris Leitner

  • Former assistant to the producers at “coop99 filmproduktion”; since 2015 freelance filmmaker in the production department, mainly unit manager on set, e.g. “Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert (Director: Marie Kreutzer)”; Die Migrantigen (Director: Arman T. Riahi)

Elena Schwarz

  • Freelance film- and theatre- maker; studied acting at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz; actress in Vienna and Graz; BR Deutschland award for young talent; focusing on directing and the production of own film and stage projects; co-founder of the cultural initiative “glashaus”; participated in cinematic trainings conducted by e.g. Werner Herzog; had movies running at various festivals, e.g. Mumbai, Toronto, Cape Town, Maastricht, Wien, Girona, Novi Sad; also carries out teaching assignments for theatre and film; most recently working on the development of intermedia stage projects and her third full length feature documentary “Rebirth”, taking place in Albany and India.

Elisabeth Blüml

  • Studied “Journalism and Communication Sciences” at the University of Vienna; more than 15 years of working experience in the Austrian (public service) TV-landscape; since 2002 working freelance at the ORF (assistant to the director for various TV-productions); self-employed filmmaker since 2010 (mainly production of TV-Documentaries and various image films as unit manager, production manager and in research)

Hans-Peter Krenn

  • Independent filmmaker; production of videos and movies; experienced with shootings, cutting, technology, live-directing and production management at events or TV-productions. Various engagements in many different working positions for productions like e.g. Die Migrantigen, Mission Imposible 5, Alles Wird Gut, Der Schattenboxer or Rettet Mark Watney

Ina Thomann

  • Studied „Digital Film & 3D-Animation“, mostly working within the field of music video production in different positions ranging from operating the camera, to cutting and editing to production and concept creation). Owns a soft spot for the rhythm in moving pictures and the corresponding sound design.

Jan Hestmann

  • Since 2016 working for the radio FM4 social media team and film department; from 2012-2015 program director at Radio Orange Vienna; from 2008 – 2010 journalist for Film/Culture at Radio Helsinki/Graz; from 2008 -2011 studies of “Public Relations and Journalism” at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum/Graz; since 2008 and ongoing: Doomsday film collective/ Wiener Neustadt

Tina Bauer

  • Studied Communication Design at the University for Applied Sciences in Graz (Joanneum) and Potsdam; since then working in all different kinds of fields regarding audio-visual media; mostly Photography, Music and Design. Working member of the FRONTALE Film Festival Wiener Neustadt and DIAGONALE Film Festival in Graz. Photography at the Friedl Kubelka School in Vienna.

Valerian Happenhofer

  • Bachelor program „Theatre-, Film- and Media Sciences“ at the University of Vienna; film geek for life; open to new ideas; critical thinker in all aspects of life; always having fun with rating movies til no end!

Christoph Gausch

  • Studied Sociology at the University of Vienna; also studied audio-engineering; former member of “come-on”, the official comittee to fund and support young artists from lower Austria; Co-founder and organizer of the International FRONTALE Film Festival Wiener Neustadt.