Saturday, Nov. 18th 2017, 10 am
+ Filmtalk with actor Peter Simonischek
Film patronage: Weinzetl Fenster und Türen GmbH

by Maren Ade, AT/DE/CH/RO, 2016, 162 Min.,
Recommended age: 14y


When two generations and worlds collide, this often happens with a loud bang. In Maren Ades’ film, which caused quite a stir among critics and on festivals, this complicated father-daughter-combination is met with great humour and subtile nuances. Winfried, the slightly quirky die-hard hippie with his incessant and not funny jokes, changes into his alter ego Toni Erdmann in light of his stressed-out business woman-daughter Ines. Toni Erdmann introduces himself as the corporate consultant’s coach – with false teeth, a badly adjusted wig and a bizarre sense of humour. As anticipated, conflicts, ludicrous situations, and maybe even a potential approach occur.
The overwhelming success of TONI ERDMANN, triggered in Cannes last year, is due to Maren Ades’ sense of interpersonal intricacies and her criticism of social demands of modern life. The film never acts in a patronizing or exerting way, but is always entertaining and accompanied by Peter Simonischek’s terrific performance of Toni Erdmann/Winfried.
Peter Simonischek will be present at the screening and answer to questions.


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