Thursday, Nov. 16th 2017, 10 am
Friday, Nov. 17th 2017, 10 am
+ Filmtalk with director Monja Art , DOP Caroline Bobek and the actors Elisabeth Wabitsch, Alexandra Schmidt, Alexander Wychodil, Leo Plankensteiner, Vanessa Ozinger, Daniel Prem
Film patronage: Wiener Alpen in Niederösterreich

by Monja Art, AT, 2017, 104 Min.,,
Recommended age: 14y


To be seventeen forever! An ode to being young, to first love, to meaningful glances in class rooms or in the local club, but also to the strength of young people. Monja Art’s autobiographically inspired, but fictional film about seventeen-year-old Paula is a delicate approach to the chaotic and sometimes simply overwhelming emotions of adolescents. Without running the risk of taking a light and shallow look on first love, SIEBZEHN shows how hard and at the same time euphoriant it can be to stand on the brink of becoming an adult. In a subtle way that is closely linked to the protagonists, Monja Art shows us Paula’s love for her female classmate, which cannot be returned by the latter. Paula soon finds herself among several female and male admirers and in view of challenges that school, her problematic family life at home, and fights and jealousy among peers hold in store for her.

„I have a soft spot for complicated love situations, for unsatisfactory and also impossible love, and especially for desire. I like these missed opportunities, this kind of ‚almost’ love. I like heartache probably more than pure happiness.“
– Monja Art


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