Friday, Nov. 17th 2017, 6 pm
+ Filmtalk with director Regisseur Arman T. Riahi and actors Doris Schretzmayer, Faris Rahoma, Aleksandar Petrovic
Film patronage: Helga Krismer, Landessprecherin der Grünen NÖ

by Arman T. Riahi, AT, 2017, 99 Min.,
Recommended age: 10y


Tito and Omar are real tough guys. The immigrants, who live in the troubled Vienneese area of ‚Rudolfsgrund’ and eke out a living with petty crime and gangster mentality, become stars of a new TV show about immigration and young people with ‚migration background’. Too bad, they are actually called Benny and Marko and have abandoned their foreign roots long ago. Benny, a laid-off actor, refuses to only play roles of criminal foreigners or taxi drivers in a very strong Vieneese dialect. Marko, who is becoming a father soon, is a true hipster whose advertising agency isn’t going so well. Although his father came from former Yugoslavia to Vienna, this hasn’t really had an impact on Marko. First, by accident, but then with calculation, both friends slide into the depths of Austrian reality TV. Maté drinks and beanies are no longer a thing: now it’s leather jackets, golden necklaces, bad grammar and ghetto slang. When Omar and Tito are reinventing themselves, they not only incite a small gang war in fictional Rudolfsgrund, but also a public dispute about immigration and its depiction in the media. A venomous and witty satire supported by charismatic actors and guest appearances from the Austrian comedy elite.


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