Wednesday, Nov. 15th 2017, 8 pm Uhr
+ Filmtalk with actors Katja Kolm, Maresi Riegner and Lukas Miko.
Film patronage: koup architekten ZT gmbh

by Barbara Albert, AT/DE, 2017, 97 Min.,
Recommended age: 12 Jahren


In the 18th century, 18 year old Resi, Maria Theresia Paradis, is known in the salons of the Vienneese society – she plays the piano virtuously, and she has been blind since the beginning of her childhood. Her ambitious parents subject her to several unsuccessful treatments. When electric shocks, leeches, lead and sulfur cures seem to make her sufferings worse, she is sent to Franz Anton Mesmer. The physician is know for his novel treatments and therefore controversial. The magnetiser connects right away with his young patient, who is allowed to enjoy freedom for the first time in the palais. Resi’s sufferings respond to the treatment – but when she identifies contours, pictures and people for the first time and starts to see again, her musical retentiveness seems to diminish…
This period drama is based on the story of real Resi Paradis, a contemporary of the somewhat coeval prodigy Mozart, and it is based on Kathrin Resetarits’ script according to the book „Am Anfang war die Nacht Musik“ by Alissa Walser. LICHT is an empathic film about the search of one’s identity, about to see and be seen in a society which thrives on vanity and unfair class divides. Resis’ childlike innocence, allegorically portrayed by her blindness, faces strict rules and meaningless demands of the high society of Viennesse rococo. It also sketches the fateful meeting of two underestimated exceptional talents.


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