Sunday, Nov. 19th 2017, 7:00 pm
+ Filmtalk with director Adrian Goiginger and the actors Verena Altenberger, Jeremy Miliker, Michael Pink and Lukas Miko

by Adrian Goiginger, AT, 2017, 100 Min.,
Recommended age: 14y


Adrian is seven years old and lives with his mother Helga. When she has friends visiting her, they disappear behind a mysterious door and drink their ‚potion for adults’ while the boy experiences adventures in his head, leaving everyday tristesse and escaping into a magical kingdom full of dangers and heroic deeds. Director Adrian Goiginger uses his debut film to deal with his own childhood. He grew up around drug-addicted adults in a little shabby flat in Salzburg in the 1990s: his young mother, her boy-friend Guenter, her friends and the customers she sells drugs to – all of them came and went as they pleased.
From the perspective of little Adrian, who faces disturbing events around him with big, innocent eyes, the film offers a deeper insight into a troubled childhood and into the story of a woman who, despite of not being able to cope with her responsibility and her addiction, is still an extremely loving mother. When Helga and Adrian escape into their fantasy world, then this kingdom is actually the best world mother and son can live in. The scenes showing the fond togetherness and the authenticity of Salzburg dialect and childlike innocence are still not capable of softening the tragedy of events – quite the contrary happens. An impressive and touching debut which never drifts to kitsch or trivialisation – with great performances.


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