Sunday, Nov. 19th 2017, 3 pm
+ Filmtalk with Karl Merkatz and directors Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl
Filmpatenschaft: Café – Konditorei Ferstl

by Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, AT, 2011, 93 Min.,
Recommended age: 12y


ANFANG 80 – true love knows no (age)boundaries. Rosa (Christine Ostermayer) meets Bruno (Karl Merkatz). Two persons, who consider themselves dumped into the offside, suddenly experience what it means to follow great fortune unconditionally, to affirm the counterpart of one’s life joyfully. To love and laugh together. The only downside: Rosa suffers from cancer, her life expectancy is half a year. Still, both of them decide to break out: Bruno wants to break out of his marriage and out of a family where everything has become routine long ago. Rosa wants to break out of the nursing homes her niece likes to see her in. They move into a new flat. The question arises: Does fortune have a date of expiry? Or is it rather the memory of very special moments experienced with someone you only meet once in your life that counts?

ANFANG 80 – a moving film about a special couple in a society that excludes age and pushes it away. A romantic film about people who don’t seem to be allowed to have this kind of freedom, who prove in the most wonderful way that it’s never too late for young love – against all odds.


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